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This old reliable water softening technique has taken many hits recently, mostly because, of the wastage of water and salt, along with the carbon cost of transporting both the wasted water and salt. Not to mention all those leaks! If you are sure this is the right solution for you, and you can afford costs and to loose the space, then you must read this article.

water softener

Should I go for a twin cylinder water softener?

Yes! When soft water has gone in a single cylinder the water softener has to regenerate itself to make more soft water. While it is doing this the water you use will be hard. To stop you using this water, the water softener will often regenerate over night.

Varying quality
If you have decided to go down this route the next thing to decide is which softener you will want. The quality and technologies water softener companies use vary considerably. You can see this very clearly in the performance table of the water softeners. With some of the cheaper water softeners using twice the amount of salt and water than the best water softeners!

The other big quality issue we come across quite often is the softener has leaked. A top quality water softener installed correctly will only rarely leak. But with so many cheap water softeners on the market at half the price of the best water softeners, this issue is likely to continue plaguing the industry.

Spotting a high quality water softener

As a general rule all cheap water softeners will have a single cylinder and the high quality models will have twin cylinders.

Water Softener